With obesity figures skyrocketing, medical research points to the importance of exercise to ward off excess weight as well as other health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, and even depression. Many people look to a gym membership as the answer. And certainly, this is an excellent choice as there are gym types to meet the needs of just about everyone. For those who wish to focus on strength training, this article will attempt to compare the cost of strength training at a gym or fitness center versus the cost of purchasing a Bio Force 1.7 home gym system.

The Cost of Strength Training at a Gym

Gyms are a great place for strength training. They offer a staggering variety of machines that suits the needs of everyone, from novice to pro. But here are some of the costs involved in purchasing a gym membership:

Strength Training at Home

There are many cost savings involved in working out at home. Here are just a few:

The Bio Force 1.7 Home Gym

This home fitness system features Total Nitrocell Technology (or TNT), which is unique to the Bio Force 1.7. The system uses two nitrogen-charged cylinders to create resistance that is smoothly fluid. The resistance stays consistent throughout the entire range of motion-from the beginning of the rep all the way to the end.

The Bio Force 1.7 resistance levels can be changed easily with a slide-n-lock mechanism that will adjust from 10 pounds to 170 pounds in mere seconds. Changing from one exercise to another is quick and easy, and there are no bows to adjust or weights to move. So your routine becomes more effective and much simpler.

The Bio Force 1.7 is designed to work every muscle group in your body. It features a two-position seat and comes with an owner’s manual that outlines over 100 body shaping exercises. Also included are separate exercise charts for men and women, meal charts, and a DVD that demonstrates proper form and technique.

The Bio Force 1.7 is compact, taking up less space than a treadmill. As assembled, its dimensions are 52 ” L by 82″ H. It weighs 174 pounds and comes with a 12-month warranty on the parts and frame. The Bio Force comes complete, with nothing additional to buy.

So What Does it Cost?

The full retail price of the Bio Force 1.7 is $999. However, it can be found online ranging in price anywhere from $657 to $799.99. Shipping may or may not be included in that price.


For the sake of comparison, we will look at the cost of three years’ membership in a gym as opposed to using the Bio Force 1.7 for three years: