Jeff Bezos has done it again.

Through his company, Amazon, Bezos revolutionized the shopping experience. People could order products within the comfort of their homes with a simple click of the mouse.

It’s convenience at its best. And the beginning of the end for brick and mortar retail.

Bezos hasn’t stopped there.

In a 60 Minutes interview (along with other media outlets picking up the story) Bezos announced the beginning of a future Amazon service called Amazon Prime Air.

Amazon Prime Air consists of drones delivering your orders directly to your doorstep within a few hours from one of Amazon’s nearby distribution centers. Bezos hopes to have it ready for launch within the next 5 years.

Or so he says. More on that in a moment.

But if this proves true…

Not only has Amazon put brick and mortar retail stores up against the wall, Amazon might be putting the nail in the coffin for the traditional postman.

What’s Happening?

Drones have been making headlines since the War on Terror. When drones converted from military use to commercial use in 2012, it opened many business opportunities for companies. Bezos recognized this and took the opportunity to capitalize on it. But not in the way you may think.

So what does this have to do with your sports and fitness marketing?

Nothing. At least as far as the drones are concerned. It’s been speculated the drones are made-up and a cover for a recent best-selling book critical of Bezos and his company.

But Bezos’ news announcement, and the timing of that announcement, is something to be admired… and duplicated with your sports and fitness marketing.

Let’s take a look at the tale of the tape:

– The announcement aired during the Black Friday shopping weekend. (Win)

– The announcement aired on December 1, 2013 – the Sunday before Cyber

Monday, the internet Black Friday. (Win)

– Amazon is the biggest internet retailer. (Win)

This, ladies and gentlemen, is known as a publicity trifecta. Actually, I just made up that term.

Have You Heard The News… Lately?

Publicity can be a great ally for your sports and fitness marketing.

Here’s just one example of good publicity in a different market:

Bobby Mackey’s Music World.

This Kentucky nightclub claims to house a “gateway to hell” and inhabits ghosts. They even claimed their caretaker had been possessed. They even videotaped the exorcism.

All of which earned them a spot on a talk show in the early 90s. Around Halloween.

Since then, Bobby Mackey’s Music World had a book published about them; they’ve been featured clients on numerous ghost hunting reality shows; they offer ghost tours; they have a cult following with large crowds for business.

What great publicity for a honky tonk! Heavy metal joints should take note, especially for the “gateway to hell” attraction.

There’s No Such Thing As Bad Publicity… WRONG!

There is bad publicity with bad results. Bad results could lead to a crumbling business. It could lead to financial failure. Or even worse… it could lead to jail time.

Remember the “Balloon Boy” incident in 2009?

Richard Henne, an inventor with more ambition than brains, along with his wife, sent a gas filled balloon up into the air. They told authorities and local media that their six year old boy was inside the balloon as it traveled over 7,000 feet in the air.

National media picked it up. International media picked it up. Soon, everyone was following the “balloon boy” saga.

After the balloon finally landed, it was revealed the boy had been inside the Henne’s home all along. An investigation followed and proved the whole thing was a publicity stunt by Henne and his wife to get interviews, book deals and a reality television show.

Everybody was outraged. And rightly so. During the rescue efforts, Denver’s international airport was shut down forcing delayed flights. Military was notified. Tax payers were being charged by the second.

Henne and his wife were convicted of felony charges and served time in jail for their publicity stunt.

Use Good Publicity For Your Sports & Fitness Marketing

The two sources to look for publicity are:

1. Trending news headlines (doesn’t have to be in sports and fitness)

2. Calendar of the year

Then ask yourself…

What are the current trends?

What’s relevant now?

What is the public, including my target market, interested in today?

What is the media looking for in a story?

What news media do I go to (locally or specialized)?

How does it tie into my sports and fitness product and/or service?

If you look at these places for inspiration and then ask yourself the questions above, you can come up with good publicity for your business.

And more clients in the process.