The Aqua Sphere goggles are equipped with larger than normal lenses, which provide indoor and open water swimmers with 180 degrees of vision. Check out the styles below. Perhaps one of these popular Aqua Sphere models will be ideal for your swimming needs.


The patented curved lens design of the Aqua Sphere Seal Swim Mask gives swimmers unparalleled peripheral vision, without distortion of any kind. This is due in part to its Patented Plexisol lens optics, as well as a unique anti-fog coating. If you’re looking for a dive quality goggle-mask, then look no further than the Seal. Its silicone skirt not only provides an ultra comfortable fit, but also helps keep water out for clear vision no matter how rough the water’s condition. Swimmers love not having to worry about these goggles fitting properly and staying in place, thanks to the easy-to-adjust buckles. On top of all this, the Seal was the first to be recognized by Ironman triathletes for its unmatched performance for both fitness competitions and recreational swims. Clear and smoke colored lens options provide you with even more depth perception while in the water.

Seal XP:

As you can imagine, the Aqua Sphere Seal XP Swim Mask is fairly similar to the original Seal model. But, there are a few key features that make the XP line stand out from the crowd. Essentially, the XP combines the visibility and comfort of the standard Seal goggle with the streamline, hydrodynamic Kaiman Goggle. The one-piece frame can be worn comfortably for hours on end thanks to its Softeril skirt with Silicone strap. Plus, swimmers love the mask’s low profile, which is especially important for athletes looking for a competitive edge. The lenses provide your eyes with 100% UV protection and the buckle system is even easy enough to adjust while in the water. It really is ideal for open water fitness and intense swim training. The XP comes in a wide variety of frames, as well as clear, smoke or blue tinted lenses.


For the best of the best in Aqua Sphere technology, turn to the Vista Swim Mask. This innovative design virtually eliminates drag and resistance, all the while still providing you with wraparound, 180 degree visibility. It’s by far the lowest profile frame around. In addition to the unbeatable frame and lenses, the Vista is equipped with the new Quick-Fit buckle system. This allows you to put on and adjust the mask with one touch. And the system is so comfortable, that you might just forget you’re wearing goggles at all. Combine all of these features and you’re left with a mask that’s specifically designed to provide swimmers with the greatest visibility outdoors, indoors, or in any low light setting. Mix and match frame colors with the available tinted lenses and you’ll be able to fit the Vistas into your swim style seamlessly.