The new age mantra is fitness and with an increasing pace to lifestyle and longer working hours – it is but logical that there would be an increasing awareness about health – the fact that sixty six percent of the population within the developing economies are obese could well be attributed to poor eating habits and increasingly sedentary lifestyles!

Paradigm Shift

The present day paradigm shift then is about ensuring that fitness is accorded the highest degree of focus and evidently there could scarcely be a fitness regime without a scientific temper!

The commonest cause for adopting a fitness regime is weight control and increasing the level of fitness. These dual indications are best addressed by ensuring optimal workouts within the stipulated available time frame – and this is best optimized by a judicious use of heart rates.

The heart rates can ideally be computed by inducing the body to reach a level of physical exhaustion under Physician supervision – which may not always be viable – in such circumstances it would be logical to use alternative equally effective but simpler methods like – the Heart Rate Monitors.

The conventional Heart Rate Monitor is primarily a device for computing heart rates by using a chest strap to record real time values for the heart rate and a watch or any other receiving device for receiving and displaying the information!

Reebok Heart Rate Monitor

Reebok being the last word in the realm of sports and fitness – it is scarcely amazing then that the pick of Heart Rate Monitors are the Reebok Heart Rate Monitors!

Reebok offers a wide range of Heart Rate Monitors which could extend from the conventional and more modest Heart Rate Monitors with chest straps to the new age wonder – Reebok Heart Rate Monitors Strapless.

As suggested by the name the Reebok Heart Rate Monitors Strapless are devices which come without the constricting and often cumbersome chest straps – having built in electrode sensors within the watch or the receiving devices


The Reebok Heart Rate Strapless monitor comes with a difference considering that in addition to not having cumbersome chest straps and having touch sensors in the watch which helps retrieve heart information merely at the touch of the finger tips – it comes replete with wireless telemetry options!

The Reebok Heart Monitor comes with an explicit instruction manual which makes it but a simple task to operate!

To further elaborate the Reebok Heart Rate Strapless Monitor has a built in receiver for cardiac information – in addition to having the ability to communicate with the home and the gym machines at any point of time!

This would create an input data to the exercising gym equipment about the heart rate – which then spontaneously adjusts the speed, duration and intensity of the workout in alignment with the monitored heart rate at any point of time! – Making the workout regime both safe and effective – all this and more being contributed by the new age Reebok Heart Rate Monitors!