Taekwondo’s philosophy is to create a peaceful world by personal training and development of individuals. Taekwondo helps you build a strong character and focuses on positive moral values like respect, courage, patience, perseverance or integrity. The Taekwondo competitions are a great opportunity to test your abilities and to learn from the best. Often in international taekwondo competitions you have the chance to compete with the best fighters and take your taekwondo career to the next level.

Taekwondo competitions worldwide Taekwondo is an international sport, recognized and respected worldwide. There are several major organizations that host international competitions that you can attend: World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), International Taekwondo Federation (ITF), American Taekwondo Associations (ATA), Independent Taekwondo Federation (ITF) or Independent Taekwondo Association (ITA). Although there are a lot of organizations that produce world champions, they rarely express the true value of the competitors.

The highest recognition you can achieve in Taekwondo is being an Olympic champion recognized by the WTF. Any taekwondo student should have as a supreme goal of winning this title, because it is the biggest, most famous and most challenging contest you can participate in. In comparison, any other organizations are just minor players. WTF-Taekwondo is recognized by the Olympic committee as an official sport in Olympic games and also has the benefit of receiving all the big money from the government or other organizations.

Until you can play in the WTF, in order to be prepared, you can attend other competitions to get an idea of your value. International Taekwondo Federation has recently split into three different federations and for this reason lost some of the integrity and credibility as a strong international competition. Also, because of the lack of funding, it cannot attract professional fighters. For these reasons, some countries do not recognize ITF at all. American Taekwondo Association is almost a private organization and usually has only local fighters attending the competition.

What is your goal? Taekwondo teaches us about perseverance and self-control. Each step on the way to fulfillment and success is easier than the previous. With a lot of determination, hard training and a good instructor, you can achieve the supreme goal. But don’t forget along the way the reason why you are doing this: for your personal development, to overcome your own limits and perfect you skills, to reach the maximum of your potential and more.

Considering my 30 years experience in Taekwondo, several WTF championship completed and training of successful fighters like Veera Liukkonen, World championship and European championship medalist or Jani Niemi, National Champion,Nordic champion and European championship medalist (juniors) I have learned a lot about the Taekwondo world. I hope this article will help you to choose the right organization for your Taekwondo training.