Muay Thai, a form of martial art that originated in Thailand, has become increasingly popular in the world today. Those who are not familiar with Muay Thai might find it quite intimidating because it looks like a brutal martial art with all the jabs and kicks. What is often regarded as the most brutal martial art in the world is actually a predominantly male sport, but these days more and more women are practicing it alongside men. A lot of people are actually wondering when they see women signing up for Muay Thai classes. Some are even flabbergasted to know that some women are even competing in the ring for a competition title. However, most women who practice this martial art are not after competing for a title. For many women, it is all about health and wellness and of course the knowledge of the skills and strategies behind Muay Thai.

Naturally, high impact physical activities such as Muay Thai help improve a person’s physical fitness. One’s body becomes more well proportioned and toned. This martial art is a good form of cardiovascular exercise so it helps burn a lot of calories quickly making the person lean with regular practice. So do not be surprised when you lose up to 1500 calories every training session. Muay Thai can also help you sweat a river so those who practice this martial art has a better and glowing complexion as it helps release all the waste and toxins from the system. Being known as an art that involves all the eight limbs of the body, this martial art also helps strengthen and increase the flexibility of these parts.

It is very important to find a physical activity that you enjoy. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy and have fun with your fitness regimens. If you find lifting weights and running on the treadmill at the gym boring and tedious, your workout would not be as effective because you are not motivated and you are not happy with what you are doing. A good way to get out of a rut is to try something new. If you’re not enjoying your workouts anymore or you’re not getting the same satisfaction and results you used to have, then it might be time for a fitness makeover. Why not take up a new sport such as Muay Thai? Always challenge and surprise yourself. In fact, studies have shown that trying a new workout from time to time will help you avoid plateaus in your fitness level.