If you’re in the market for home fitness equipment, you may be considering an elliptical machine. When you go shopping for an elliptical trainer you want the best machine in the marketplace of the best quality while saving as much money as you can. Some of the higher-end elliptical machines, such as those manufactured by SportsArt Fitness, Precor, Quantum Fitness, Life Fitness, and other brands found in fitness and specialty stores, can handle users who weigh up to 400 lbs. These trainers range in price from $1350 to $5600.

The elliptical machine makes the best choice in home equipment, if you don’t want treadmill or exercise bike. The elliptical machine has been gradually gaining in popularity at home and in the gym. To determine which elliptical machine is the best fit for you, first make a list of all the features that you need or want.

Choosing an elliptical machine is more complex than just going to a big box, fitness equipment or sports store, trying one out and buying it without doing some preliminary research. If you have already decided to buy an elliptical machine for your home gym you’ll find there are a lot of models and brands. It can easily be overwhelming when you’re trying to decide on features and choose the best machine for you. Most if not all gyms, health clubs and fitness clubs have already acquired a line of elliptical machines. Make sure to try them out at a club if you haven’t already

All elliptical trainers help to maintain healthy bone density. According to some of the manufacturers, an estimate of the calories that are burned using an elliptical trainer can go upwards to 730 calories an hour. And if you’re cramped for space at home or have a small area in which to work out then an elliptical trainer would be a great way to save needed space while at the same time getting a good workout.

If you buy quality elliptical exercise equipment, you’ll feel a more fluid movement. An elliptical workout gives you an overall body workout without a lot of strain. What makes the elliptical exercise equipment so great is that it gives you a no-impact workout and the resistance exercise helps you build bone density and prevent osteoporosis.

With an elliptical machine you don’t need to take your feet off the foot pads so you’ll have very little stress on your knees, ankles, hips and back. Elliptical machines give you a good weight resistant workout. This is important because, weight resistant workouts burn calories fast and more efficiently than other fitness equipment. And elliptical units combine the movements and health benefits of hiking, biking and cross country skiing.

Many people want elliptical machines that will store well. They want them to be handy when they need them and compact enough so they will fit in a closet when they’re not being used. Another good feature in the elliptical trainer is you can move at a nice, comfortable speed but allowing for occasional bursts of high intensity moves.

The best elliptical trainers have a few programs preset into the computer. There are many good brands of elliptical cross trainers in the marketplace today. A few of the most popular brands are: Life Fitness, Precor, Quantum Fitness and SportsArt Fitness. Note that a typical elliptical workout will burn about 14 calories per minute.

You can save money on ellipticals by carefully checking the prices online and then comparing them to the prices in your local fitness or sports equipment stores. You’ll find that many of the online stores offer free shipping. If you happen to know the model you want to buy you can try it out locally and then compare with the prices online.

If you will settle for a used machine, used sporting goods stores and sports consignment stores have slightly used ellipticals at deeply cut prices. Some of these machines will be in very good condition because a lot of people buy equipment intending to use it and then don’t as you probably know.

You can always ask for a discount no matter what price is offered. You can ask “what is your best price” or ask for a business discount, senior discount, health professional discount for example. It won’t hurt to try and it works a good share of the time.

Elliptical machines will continue to develop new features and provide an optimum workout. If you haven’t used an elliptical trainer make sure to give one a try early in your shopping experience. You want to shop for the best possible deal without sacrificing quality. You can easily save a lot of money by doing some decent research and reading ratings and reviews.