Belly dance has very ancient roots. The dance is traditional for the countries of the Middle East. A set of movements is a mixture of styles of many areas of Lebanon, the North Africa, Egypt, Persian Gulf, and Turkey. The other common property for such dances is various degrees of flirtation and coquetry.

East performers of belly dance polish their art during their whole lives. But it is possible to master several elements at any age, with any bodily constitution and with any level of choreographic preparation.

East dances allow a modern woman to come to know herself, to disclose her femininity, to show her creative energy, to light the fire inside of her. It is an excellent way to strengthen health, to become free, beautiful and self-confident!

The advantages of practicing belly dance

1. Your body becomes flexible and plastic because the originality of an east dance is in its plasticity.

2. Your body gets used to physical exercises and you become more enduring.

3. During dancing trainings you can grow thin and gain rippling muscles. The result becomes already appreciable after the first month of trainings.

4. The unique element of belly dance – jolting – represents the original massage of internal organs of an abdomen and a small pelvis. In the process of a dance the blood circulation and bowel action improve.

5. During the trainings you strengthen your back and muscles. After several trainings you will notice the improvement of your bearing.

6. You will learn to do respiratory gymnastics, which is an integral part of belly dance. Correct breath allows dancing within long hours.

7. After regular dancing activities you will gain graceful curves of Arabian dancers. The trainings allow you to keep good shape of breast as dancing movements strengthen pectoral muscles. Turns and bends are excellent exercises for a wasp waist.

The main thing in belly dance is not strict following canons but temperament and a freedom. The basis of belly dance is an improvisation. However, there are certain rules and exercises for mastering the belly dance art. If you have training at home:

– Dance should last not less than an hour.

– Trainings must be regular.

– Dance in the comfortable clothes, which will not hinder your movements.

The training scheme

-A warming-up. It is necessary to warm up all the muscles of your body and to make them ready for the further load.

– Repetition of the dancing elements studied earlier.

– Learning new dance elements.

– The old and new elements routine.

– The “final” dance.