How Muay Thai Can Help You Burn Up To 1500 Calories

Muay Thai, a form of martial art that originated in Thailand, has become increasingly popular in the world today. Those who are not familiar with Muay Thai might find it quite intimidating because it looks like a brutal martial art with all the jabs and kicks. What is often regarded as the most brutal martial […]

An In-Depth Review Of Tom Venuto’s – Burn The Fat Inner Circle

Tom Venuto is a natural bodybuilder and author of the number 1 best selling e-book, “Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle.” His credentials and achievements are impressive: -BSc. in exercise science -Certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) -Certified personal trainer (NSCA-CPT) -International Society for Sports Nutrition (ISSN) member -American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) member […]

You Can Burn a Lot of Calories by Playing Squash

If you have been trying to find a fun sports activity that’s going to help you be in awesome good condition and health, then squash happens to be an amazing option considering that the level of calories burned playing squash is really high. It simply put is made up of an indoor squash court with […]