Burning Calories and Losing Weight Can Be Enjoyable With the Wii Fit!

The Nintendo Wii Fit sold over 770,000 copies in January 2009. Why was Wii Fit the most popular Video Game? This game outsold all Xbox or PS 3 games combined. Why is an exercise video game the most popular game in the World? Usually, the most popular games are the shoot-em up games, like the […]

Why Losing Weight Doesn’t Always Mean You’re Fit

Hand balancing and other gymnastic moves were used by the old time strongmen like Eugen Sandow, Sig Klein and Otto Arco.  These physical masters were some of the strongest men to date, and they had the most ripped abs we have ever seen.  Some of their accomplishments in strength have yet to be matched.  What […]

24 Hours Fitness – Tips To Keep Fit All Your Life

Yes, as shocking as it sounds, the biggest and most powerful economy in the world that has so far seemed to thrive mainly on junk food and inhabit burger joints and the likes of these restaurants that serve far from nutritionally balanced meals, is now actually considering taking to fitness evaluations and training to shape […]

Get Fit With FITT

Want to start a successful exercise program? Want to get into shape while you’re having lots of fun? Try the FITT process. It provides a simple method for developing an exercise regimen that will help you achieve your health and fitness goals. FITT stands for Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type. 1. Type. The first question […]