Swing Set Fitness – A Fresh Approach To Total Body Conditioning

Swing Set Fitness is comprehensive training utilizing a swing set as the gym. Consistent exercise is a source for health and well-being. It is a fresh approach to total body conditioning that is fun, convenient, and lets you to spend time outdoors. This form of exercise is a very enjoyable way to lose weight, tone, […]

Grooved Golf Swing Series: How To Control The Distances Of Your Puts

Usually but not always, the practice putting green will be something similar to the greens on the course. The same quickness, slowness break or borrow. Therefore it is, in my opinion, essential to have a few puts, and even more than a few puts before your round of golf. Further to practising your putting, probably […]

A Good Swing Starts with a Strong Base of Support

A good golf swing starts with a strong base of support (hips, pelvis and lumbar spine). A highly conditioned base of support will provide stability throughout the swing and allow forces to be effectively transferred from the legs through the hips to the upper body to produce optimal power and control. A strong base helps […]