Taekwondo Pioneers: Haeng Ung Lee

October 5, 2010, was the tenth anniversary of the passing of Haeng Ung Lee (1936-2000), founder of the American Taekwondo Association. In keeping with the Korean tradition of gije (annual memorial for family members who have passed on), we take time to remember an extraordinary man with an extraordinary vision. Lee grew up amid the […]

Taekwondo Competitions Worldwide

Taekwondo’s philosophy is to create a peaceful world by personal training and development of individuals. Taekwondo helps you build a strong character and focuses on positive moral values like respect, courage, patience, perseverance or integrity. The Taekwondo competitions are a great opportunity to test your abilities and to learn from the best. Often in international […]

International Taekwondo Organizations

During the past years taekwondo has become a very popular sport. All kinds of competitions and tournaments have emerged from a local to a global level. It has also recently become an Olympic sport, leading to a hierarchy among international taekwondo organizations. By far the most popular one is WTF (World Taekwondo Federation). Founded in […]