Top 7 Wet and Wild Water Sports in Sri Lanka

If you are looking for a thrill filled vacation in Sri Lanka then you must try the water sports in Sri Lanka. From the surf haven of Arugam Bay to scuba diving around the reefs of Hikkaduwa coast, you can rediscover the fun and excitement that you will cherish forever. Sri Lanka is an ideal […]

Sports Drinks Vs Water – The Ugly Truth

Lucozade, Powerade, Gatorade… In the 21st century – advertisements for energy drinks are everywhere. You can no longer switch on the television or flick open a magazine without seeing an advert for these glorified potions. It seems that these drinks are taking over the fitness world, and you only have to wander down to your […]

Can Drinking Water Make You More Flexible?

What yogi doesn’t want to improve their flexibility? Practice, proper breath work and technique can do a lot for overall flexibility. There is one other factor that can help to increase flexibility from something you INGEST. WATER! Water is probably the most underrated nutrient of them all. Not only is it responsible for gorgeous skin, […]